Recently I have been refocused on Family History Work. My desired is to have the copies of the major events in the lives of my relatives. I recently discovered one […]

iGoogle Portal Page

I use iGoogle, my wife uses iGoogle, I am sure many people use iGoogle, and they will be disappointed that this useful website portal will disappear. Google announced a long […]

I am currently being dragged from shop to shop. It’s every man’s nightmare. In this department store mid Friday morning surrounded by a sea of women, going about their shop, […]

As a parent I am always busy. Between, full time employments, church service, and playing with the kids there is but little time left for personal entertainment. So over the […]

I have a black hat, a baseball cap, with “the STIG” embossed on it. (See TopGear) I’ve had it for a while, but I can’t find a picture of it on the […]

Life, I am told by those who claim to know, is about having fun. So if this is true where do mistakes fit in, and why do they cost so […]

I was having a conversation with my nephew this week about colours and dreams while waiting at the checkout line of a local supermarket, when suddenly the girl welcomed us […]

It only takes me a couple of seconds to realize that the YouTube video I just watched wasn’t as entertaining as I’d hoped. The hit has been registered and the “uploader” has received […]