July 2009

I decided to ask in the THREE store for the iphone. They are out of stock? So I returned a week later and they are still out of stock. So […]

This morning around 6:45am My wife and I heard a knock on the front door. I climb out of my nice warm bed, just a little disappointed to be in […]

“But you promised!” my 2nd child calls from her bedroom. I really thought that she’d fallen asleep, I didn’t know she was still waiting for me to come and play […]

Tonight as I came home from a late computer appointment on the north side of Brisbane, I decided to go via the Gateway Bridge. Its’ being widened to 6 lanes […]

Somehow I have to make up for forgetting to call my dad on his Birthday. So I figure, here it is a little late. My dad isn’t cool, he isn’t […]

So I discovered this week that Three has finally decided on pricing for the Apple iPhone. Which means I might be able to get one from them without having to […]

So I added a favicon to the site. I have chosen the wordpress icon file, because I haven’t had time to complete one myself. Simply added the following code to […]

What is this?

Readership has now doubled. Welcome new readers. I mean hi mum. 🙂 While gardening I found this plant. I don’t know what it is, but I have seen it in […]