September 2010

The wait was worth it. CIV 5 has a clever and reasonably user friendly interface. The game mechanics are similar to other CIV’s so its familiar but still changed enough […]

Carefully getting excited for months, I’ve been anticipating the arrival of Civilization 5. My excitment turned into a little bit of an internal flutter and vocal jubulation, woohoo!, when the […]

What’s Star Trek? What’s Star Trek? My wife and I look at each other;¬†are we bad parents? As soon as my six year old posed this question, I knew wearing […]

Addiction to Angry Birds

Last week I completed the available levels on Angry Birds for my iphone. Then I followed that up with getting 3 stars on every level. The game shows an additional […]

Our kitchen scraps have recently been turned into compost in our 1m x 3 mtr garden plot. This front yard plot has two pot plants sitting in it. My eldest […]

Why have my great ideas been stolen by others. Can people really read other peoples minds?. I think so, so it must be true.